Inside the Ammunitions Factory

by Yvan Hladky



The state (where our train rolled slowly toward the east) is composed of three countries, two of which are almost rectangular, while the third is long like a snake from west to east, the mountains on the horizon with us all time, four countries comprised that were formerly the state on the territory, unfortunately the fourth country was annexed (years ago) by Empire brotherly neighbor, our train is in a valley surrounded by mountains covered with snow, say that the track is absolutely right, no turn or climb or descent, the train stops suddenly in the middle of the field near the resort where the interchange station of the narrow-gauge train, railcar it transports visitors to the city, the top two cars of the train is painted beige and below the large windows is a purple belt, the cars are brand new, they still smell solvents and synthetic leather,  travelers, very elegant, are just a few steps to cross between the fast and the platform of the train and two-tone is perhaps why an evocation of the arrival station of Baden-Oos where running a red electric train to the center of Baden-Baden, but there the route goes north to south, and here she disappears behind the horizon to the east, we again ask that travelers carrying their suitcases and beautiful kits would not notice this while dissimilarity can never forget the purpose of this trip, it only remains to take place among all those travelers really great together elegant leather luggage, in deference to wonder if someone would note the apparent disparity and when the train if ostensibly polychrome we actually arrived at a long row of freight cars that had to stay motionless in this place for ages already being covered with ivy penetrating even the segments of the wheels and piercing suspensions, springs and climbing up roofs deformed (in an accident may be ) we must always bear in mind that if these cars were set in motion the real and mystical roots of ivy immediately and that would tear the wheels covered rust could crush them after some effort of the locomotive in producing high-pitched sounds, the driver drew our eyes wearing a fur coat on the shoulder two stars in yellow metal and a number of three figures partially hidden by the collar, we're not really sure to read these figures if they were needed, a metal object resembling a firearm attached to his belt, he leans toward the outside and look at the portal of entrance to the industrial complex that comes slowly to open at the appropriate time and under the passenger window expect to see a resort, wind pipes and stacks on the roofs of the laboratories will reassure that moderate them.


It remains for us to get on this train fragrant, colorful and shining in the rays of the sun and realize that we can not continue our journey to the hills where lies the seaside town and learn that we can not cross the covered bridge and enter the park full of beautiful flowers, not even to buy a ticket to the pool EVA, although we can not ignore the significance of the concrete relief in the form of a human body that breaks symbolically a sort of pipe on his knees drawn up toward the covered bridge and as we can not stay on deck and closely observe the green eyes of this woman's face under the Sphinx and we can no longer listen to the diatribe facilitator on the theme of the beauty of Empress Sissy and watch the meantime swans grouped in irregular training on the river really well this afternoon we can not sit by the lake and see the cups of Victoria Regia in bloom, because on the quay where we stayed after the departure of fast already arranged four old cars platform coupled to a diesel shunt that produces unbearable noise and clouds of black smoke, we will cross the last kilometers the same way in excess of perhaps dozens of freight cars overgrown with sumptuous real and mystical roots of both plunging into the earth though these cars can instantly from simply tear out the roots and the wheels will start to rust turn, we also perceive that our visit to the famous "baths" will be postponed until later notice even the peasants near the track, or some other crunchy slowly large red or green peppers, their horses hitched to wagons with gray tires do not move, it is possible that the peasants have not even thought of selling their goods or loading them into a car, they simply wait and just at that moment the train moved off with a memorable crash and later when we looked out the window and looked forward to not miss the point where we can already see the switches the deflection rails to the hills covered with deep woods, to see if an old steam locomotive with a high chimney is waiting ... (?) if we tried to lift the welding goggles and daylight came under the aluminum frame which set the dark glasses, looking left or right we would still have seen the landscape changes in detail or in its entirety ... (before this is all in the past, the white tiles of the station Villiers, the Bobino Music Hall and the Jardin du Luxembourg, it was pouring rain, fire, red initially, suddenly changed to green and the asphalt shining in streams) ... As myosotis between the roots of old oaks and all that we should not be allowed to see, our trip lasted more than twenty minutes allotted, the deep woods diverged more and the circular pavilion with the dome shining in the rays of the rising sun, the still red light, a stage, a pavilion, a building industry appears, some engineers are white apron in front of the lock and the huge glass dome with faceted like a fly's eye oversized (same engineers are still before the lock glass at the entrance) , there were three hand because if we have counted taking into account that on the track is all hand since followed closely before passing the first switches where the tracks were divided to enter the various valleys and if we assume that each trolley (naturally without passengers) were a machinist, two soldiers and a dog, we are almost sure the numbers on the identification plate of the trolley, on the hoods of team members and on the collar of the dog were identical and corresponded well with the numbers of valleys and groups of industrial buildings, we still know that ticket access these figures were passengers and the driver with a telescope could be remotely controlled without great difficulty and as we already know, it was planned to carry passengers to sunglasses to autogenous welders to prevent them from seeing in other valleys during the passage of switches that sometimes abruptly changed the direction of track cars, of course nothing to prevent the passengers to stand or hang on to avoid falling on the track, and sometimes when they pointed their fingers in the valleys with different numbers of marking tickets as it was possible to raise a few glasses and see what they should not be shown, the deep forests that terminating the view at a minimum distance does not allow. assuming that incoming visitors in the room surprised by the extraordinary theater do not go yet reflect the noise (outside covered music) and they seek a suitable place to change viewers to become part of the process will find majestic nowhere its like they are actors and spectators at a time, naturally these tests and trials were only simulations, the dark years of the control booth technique could be watching the dials pneumatic regulators and those of rotameters, very complicated functions of the linear actuators of the system is reduced to the curves recorded on graph paper tapes, what wonderful harmony of all these details before our eyes, I put my mask for protection against nerve gas M2M, and behind me a huge carousel, an auto injector combinatorial atropine sulfate, diazepam and METHYLSULFATE of paralidoxime in my pocket, yes, survive, he must at all costs: comes my tests were feature performed during cleaning time, in reality the number of spectators increasing by almost not even circular saws not turned over, a spectator's coat plastic worked here long grabbed the nozzle and watered the silver mechanism with the pouring boiling water while those who were near saw trying to get away without being noticed, but the guards on the galleries were not interested in what happens in the preliminary stage, they contemplated the beautiful rings and bracelets that have offered their fans to climb the hierarchy to reach the gallery and become one of the elect, it was equally possible that the reverse was off in this gallery give the rank they had learned and become mere spectators and sometimes it even happened that guards down sharply, also has seized beautiful traveler3) and without being disturbed by this irreversible process beauties sobbing shook their hands covering them with burning kisses and they jumped on the wheel of the conveyor belt to achieve the gears of circular saws space of a single blink.


It was totally inappropriate.


© copyright Yvan Hladky, Paris, 1975, 2009

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